No other pets. No kids. Big girl who likes to sit in the sunbeams and chill. She needs a wet food diet and may need a dental down the road. Her jaw was broken at one point in her life and just healed poorly. This caused her canines to be offset. Pictures can't seem to capture her amazing green eyes.

A note from May's foster:

May is a four-year old cat that we were entrusted to foster for the past three weeks. She is a lovable cat who is gentle. She has large inquisitive eyes and a facial expression which makes you think she is trying to understand every word you say. We think that whoever adopts her should be prepared for an initial period while she gets used to you and her new surroundings. It took a few days for her to get comfortable with us but now she is becoming friendlier and is quick to purr and meow when we play with her. 

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Animal Information

Gender Female
Age 4 years old
Looks Like
Domestic short hair
Care Environment
Spayed / Neutered
Litter Box Trained