Possibly Bengal heritage.  Tabby markings on the back and face.  White necklace and belly.   There is a bit of tan with spots crossing his belly as well.

Responds to "Darcy," "Cat', "Kitten," and "Who's hungry/who wants to eat?"

Went missing out by highway 6 and Taft ave.  However, his home was 2016 Davis St. 

He's super friendly, but probably afraid of strangers and loud noises.  Normally he has an orange collar with his name and information.  However, the day he went missing he was only wearing his purple anxiety collar.

I'm moving out of state, but my family still lives in town so they'll be able to arrange getting him if he's found.

He's been fixed and has all of his claws.  He does a good job of trying to not use his claws on humans.

Date Lost

July 19, 2020

Last Seen / Lost Location

Taft Ave/Hwy 6, Iowa City


Animal Information

Age 2 years old
Looks Like
Short hair
Estimated Weight
15 pounds
Contact If Found Ashley
Phone 319-383-6358