I have something called Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV). Here are 5 reasons you should consider adopting me and a little about what FIV is:

  • Cats Infected With FIV Can Live Long and Healthy Lives
    With proper care, a FIV+ cat can live a long and comfortable life. The health and lifespan of a cat with FIV depends greatly on maintaining a strong immune system. Keeping your cat indoors, scheduling wellness checkups twice a year and feeding a high-nutrition diet will help keep that immune system healthy.
  • FIV Positive Cats Can Live With Non-Infected Cats
    FIV is spread through deep bite wounds and scratches, meaning a healthy cat would need to come in contact with an infected cat’s blood in order to acquire the infection. That means that FIV+ cats can live with non-infected cats as long as they are friendly and don’t fight.
  • They’re Just Cats
    Like every other cat you’ve ever known, each FIV+ cat will have his or her own unique personality. Many people who live and work with FIV+ cats have reported them to be more gentle and sweet than non-infected cats they’ve known.
  • In and of itself, FIV is not a sickness 
  • There are no medications or special treatment of any kind required.  All FIV does is compromise a cat’s immune system so if you notice something amiss, FIV+ cats should be taken to a vet sooner rather than later since they have delicate immune systems. Otherwise, nothing about owning an FIV+ cat takes extra effort or expense. They are just like normal cats.

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Animal Information

Gender Female
Age 5 Years Old
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Domestic Short Hair
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