Cardi B

Black and white collie sitting
Black and white dog outside

Certainly not as bodacious as her namesake, this pup has dreams of one day being as confident as the “Reigning Queen of Rap” Cardi B. Skinny and looking for someone to lean on, Cardi B was found on Camp Cardinal Blvd in Coralville. When our ACO pulled up to where she was reported, Cardi B was gleefully surrounded by trail-goers, making friends with everyone, tail going wild! Cardi continues to be an extrovert—enjoying being around people and dislikes being alone. Cardi B is very much a puppy and learning new things every day. She will need a home ready to continue working with her on training, socializing, and getting her weight up. Cardi B is an active and intellectual breed mix. She loves to run, play, and explore everything. Nothing goes unnoticed by this quick girl! Cardi is sweet and sensitive and has a lot of feelings that she excited to express (sometimes loudly😉) and is hoping for a family who is ready to listen.

  1. Animal Information
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  3. Center Data
Gender Female
Age 11 Months Old
Looks Like Border Collie Mix
Care Environment Indoor / Outdoor
Spayed / Neutered Yes