Big hound dog
Big hound next to person
Franklin is a typical hound dog: smart, athletic, driven, friendly, and of course has that distinct bay. This young pup is ready for the tall grass and wooden trails where he can let his instincts lead him. If you are looking to train a hunting dog, Franklin is your boy. He loves to follow his nose and alert you of the scents he is tracking. Very at home outside, Franklin would do best in an active home, without shared walls and with space to roam. When not on his self-assigned duty, he is the sweetest, friendly family boy that likes pets and spending time with people and other dogs. Because Franklin is a working breed, he will require a person(s) that are familiar with their particular needs and are able to provide the proper physical and mental attention to keep Franklin content. Franklin is still a growing puppy and is working on basic training. He loves to work for treats and is eager to learn. Private Franklin, reporting for duty!  

*Currently in foster care*
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Gender Male
Age 7 months
Looks Like Bluetick Hound
Care Environment Indoor / Outdoor
Spayed / Neutered Yes