Boga is named for the sci-fi evoking, guttural noise he makes when he gets excited. The sound is not easily described nor is Boga himself, but I will try. Boga is a goofy boy that has as many quirks as he does wrinkles in his skin. He arrived at the shelter in rough shape and needing many good meals. We are working on building up his strength, skin, and learning basic skills. He still has a ways to go in all areas but he is eager to learn and grow (especially if food is involved.) Boga loves toys and is a playful, zoomie boy. He also thinks he is a lap dog and, like a typical boxer, doesn’t always understand the concept of personal space. But why wouldn’t you want this bundle of rolls and love nearby to cuddle? 

  1. Animal Information
  2. Compatibility
  3. Center Data
Gender Male
Age 3 years old
Looks Like Boxer mix
Care Environment Indoor / Outdoor
Spayed / Neutered Yes