Goblin (small black dog)

3 large dogs sitting together on outside deck
Small black puppy sun bathing

From Goblin's foster:

He is slowly coming out of his shell! He loves to chew on toys especially the smaller squeaky tennis balls. He loves a good Gully bone too! šŸ„° He is cuddle bug, intrigued with the cat but keeps his distance when she let's him know. He really enjoys his big foster brothers and wants to be around them as much as possible. Sometimes he is a bit overwhelmed with all their shannigans since they are a lot bigger than him! He doesn't enjoy being in his kennel and he'll cry, but he does fine eventually with toys, a bone and soft bed when it's time for the humans to go to work/school. He is still working on potty training like all puppies, he's doing great with few accidents, doesn't mess in his kennel. 

  1. Animal Information
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Gender Male
Age 5 months old
Looks Like Pitbull Mix
Care Environment Indoor / Outdoor
Spayed / Neutered Yes