Large brown and white dog sitting in the grass outside

Meet Rollins, the best lap warmer around. She loves to be by your side, or on your lap. Potential adopters should be aware Rollins is a bigger dog, and needs someone who can handle every pound of her love. But she’s the perfect mix of cuddly and adventurous! While at the shelter she hasn’t shown a ton of interest in toys, but it is possible with a more stable environment she could. When walking Rollins, she is always looking for the next great smell. She knows s a few commands, but needs more practice- and more treats! If you need a hug after a long day, Rollins is your girl.

  1. Animal Information
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Gender Female
Age 1 1/2 Years Old
Looks Like Bulldog Mix
Care Environment Indoor / Outdoor
Spayed / Neutered yes