Brownie Meow

As you can see, I can cat loaf with the best of them, play with toys, or I can be my sleek, slinky house panther self. I'm very affectionate-if you sit, I'll want to be near!
Well, hey there! I'm Brownie! Have you heard about the Awesome Tiny House Panther Appreciation Society? Personally, I suspect it's something the shelter people here just made up. But I can certainly get behind the message, so I'm not complaining! Anyway, you can become an INSTANT member by simply adopting me!
Brownie Tail
And now for some full disclosure: I'm pretty sure I got into the wrong line for my tail. I *meant* to get a black tail to match the rest of me. But I don't like other cats, so I was standing kind of far away from the rest of the crowd and the directions. Anyway, I ended up with this fantastic and still mostly black tail with some beautiful russet markings. I think it gives me a very distinct look.
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Animal Information

Gender Female
Age 2 years old
Looks Like
Domestic short hair
Care Environment
Spayed / Neutered
Litter Box Trained