If you know about huskies, then you know about Shadow. This boy is all husky and then some. He is aloof, energetic, and ready to run. Don’t let that all fool you, though. Shadow would make a fantastic dog for a husky lover who has the energy and knows how to keep this boy entertained and challenged. He is not going to be the type of dog that can be left out on a lead and will easily be able to get over a 5-foot fence. While here, he has shown a lot of anxieties about handling and confinement, but given time, he has also shown his softer side. He is a different dog when he can have more freedom than the shelter environment allows. He feels most comfortable outside where he lets his guard down and his personality shine through! Once he can relax, he does enjoy some good scratches and will lay out and relax.

  1. Animal Information
  2. Compatibility
  3. Center Data
Gender Male
Age 2 years old
Looks Like Husky
Care Environment Indoor / Outdoor
Spayed / Neutered Yes