Charlie laying down
Charlie sitting in a recliner
Up close, snoozy Charlie
Charlie enjoying his bed by the window

Charlie is all terrier, all the time! Upon arrival, Charlie had a broken back leg. He has had it amputated and is now feeling great and living it up! Charlie would prefer a home with a single or small number of adults. He wants the focus to be on him, because obviously he’s a star! Other animals and children would just take the attention from him. Terriers are spunky, in charge, and full of personality. Charlie encompasses all of that, and then some. Due to being a tripod, he has a higher chance of getting arthritis at an earlier age, so his future family should be aware of that. Charlie is currently in foster, so if you want to add a big personality to your home, fill out an application today!

A message from Charlie’s foster: 

Charlie is a sweet and calm dog. He gets alerted when inside our home and he hears another dog barking, but just alert. When we are outside and he sees a dog, he’s good.

We are doing lots of walks and he loves them. He is walking very well, and I think his back leg is getting stronger. He jumps by himself to the car and loves that too. He needs time to find balance in the car, but after he does, he is very good and lays down.

He is easy. He follows you where you go and lays down to sleep. He loves the sunny area next to the window to wait while I work.

He goes to bed early and sleeps very well. He also eats well at his own time. He happily takes all his medications with the help of some boiled chicken!

We’ve been taking him out regularly and he hasn’t had any accidents in the house.

Someone will be VERY LUCKY to have him! (Of course not a marathon runner-he has his limitations!) He is an easy, calm, and sweet dog. We love him!

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  3. Center Data
Gender Male
Age 2 1/2 years
Looks Like Terrier mix
Care Environment Indoor / Outdoor
Spayed / Neutered Yes