Raisin Bran

Short haired brown tabby cat
Raisin Bran relaxing
Raisin Bran doing a project
Raisin Bran is a newer resident here at the shelter. He's not the biggest fan of confinement (not a hugger, doesn't love going back into his kennel...) But when allowed to roam, he'll follow you everywhere and help with all of the projects. If you could pet him and give him love between each step of each project, he feels that would be the best method to get things done. If you have a "Honey Do" list, even if it's for yourself, Raisin Bran would love to be your assistant manager!
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Animal Information

Gender Male
Age 2 years old
Looks Like
Domestic short hair
Care Environment
Spayed / Neutered
Litter Box Trained