Volunteers make all the difference in the world to the animals at the center. Volunteers provide the animals with responsive and positive human contact, exercise and relief from their kennels and cages. The time volunteers spend is extraordinarily valuable to the animals and to the staff. The observations about the animals passed along to the staff assists in the care of the animals and in finding good matches in adoptive homes. 

How to Volunteer  

Our orientation process is currently on hold as we update the educational materials. If you've submitted the quiz or your application, and have not already contacted us, please do so and we'll be happy to get you to the next steps! You can email us at icanimalcenter@iowa-city.org or call 319-356-5295. 

 Please note that court-mandated community service hours are not done through the volunteer program. Please call the front desk at 319-356-5295 for more information.

Volunteer with the Friends of the Animal Center Foundation

There are also many volunteer opportunities through the Friends of the Animal Center Foundation. Visit the Friends of the Animal Center Foundation website for more information.