Licenses & Temporary ID Tags

Licenses and ID tags are a forms of identification that can help in reuniting you with your pet companion should they ever stray or get lost. Identification saves lives! In most cases when possible, animals found by animal service officers will be returned home rather than taken to the Animal Center.


All residence of Iowa City with dogs and cats over the age of four months are required to have an Iowa City animal license. To obtain a license for your animal you must have proof of a current rabies vaccination from a veterinarian.

Licenses may be obtained:

  • By emailing your information to: Be sure to include your phone number so we can process the license then call for payment. Your receipt and/or tag will be mailed to you.
  • In person, at the Iowa City Animal Care and Adoption Center located at:
    3910 Napoleon Lane
    Iowa City, IA 52240
  • Via the phone with a credit card, by calling Animal Services at 319-356-5295 (licenses by phone will require a faxed or emailed rabies certificate)
  • Via mail, by mailing the rabies certificate and fee to:
    Animal Services
    3910 Napoleon Lane
    Iowa City, IA 52240

Temporary ID Tags

Temporary ID tags are for animals too young for a rabies vaccination and regular license.

License & ID Tag Fees

Fees for a license and ID tag are as follows:

  • $5 for puppies and kittens under four months of age
  • $10 for animals between 4 months and 12 months
  • $10 per year for all spayed and neutered dogs and cats
  • $40 per year for all dogs and cats that are not spayed or neutered

Please note that:

  • Delinquent fee equal to the cost of the license will be charged 30 days after a license expires
  • Licenses expire in conjunction with the rabies vaccination
  • Multiples year licenses may be obtained if the citizen provides a multi-year rabies vaccination certificate

Permit Requirements

Certain animal uses require a special permit and inspection of your property by an Animal Service officer. Permit applications must be filed prior to the establishment of use.

Permit Applications & Fees

Type of PermitFee
Animal Act or Exhibition$50
Breeder (two or more unaltered dogs or cats of breeding age in home)$100
Commercial Dog or Cat Kennel$300
Cat Group Housing (6 or more cats)$50
Dog Group Housing (4 or more dogs)$50
Dog or Cat Show$50
Motion Picture, Television or Theatrical$50
Major Pet Shop$300
Minor Pet Shop$100
Restricted Animal (Call for animal types)$50
Urban Chicken (Initial 3 year) - No roosters allowed$100
Urban Chicken (Renewal)$75

You can download the Permit Application here:

Permit Application

The completed form and payment should be submitted to the Iowa City Animal Care & Adoption Center.