Adoption Process

Due to the Caronavirs pandemic, the shelter is currently closed and public browsing is not permitted. Please check our website for animals available for adoption. If you are interested in a specific animal or a kitten, adoptions can still be facilitated through appointment only. Call ahead to get an application or use the link below to download the form.

Application Timelines

Generally, applications take a minimum of 24 hours to process. Once the staff has approved your application to adopt, we will call you and set up an appointment to come in and meet your potential new family member. A second appointment can be made during this visit to arrange pick up.

Spay & Neuter

Iowa code law requires all dogs and cats adopted out by a licensed animal shelter to be spayed or neutered.

Application Form

If you have an animal you'd like to adopt, you may call us at 319-356-5295 to have us email an application. You can also download the pdf form from here:

Adoption Application

Please email the completed form to us at: and feel free to contact us with any questions.