buff cat sitting on lap
Buff kitty peeking out from the blanket
buff cat sitting on lap
buff cat looking up at you wanting attention
Chops is a sweet, cuddly man who wants to be the only cat in your life.  He is not a fan of other cats but does enjoy sitting on peoples laps and being by your side wherever you go.  Chops has a history of urinary crystals and for this reason is on a special prescription food called C/D. This food prevents these from forming in his bladder.   Otherwise, he is a healthy, happy boy!  It can be a bit more pricey than regular cat food but he will thank you for it and shower you with love and affection.  Chops is hoping he will hear from you soon!

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Animal Information

Gender Male
Age 11 Years Old
Looks Like
Domestic short hair
Care Environment
Spayed / Neutered
Litter Box Trained