Bella and Lilly *Bonded pair*

Lilly, shy but loves to explore. Is becoming quite the lap cat nowadays!

tabby and white cat with green eyes

Bella, very shy girl.  Will need time and patience to become comfortable at home.

tabby and white cat with green eyes
-Bonded pair, must go together
-Shy cats who will need lots of time and space to adjust 
-Bella, is more shy than her sister, Lilly, and likes to hide.  She needs to build her confidence and making her comfortable will take a lot of time.
-Lilly is learning to become more outgoing and likes to explore the room and rubs against you.  She is becoming a lap cat!
-Previous cat experience needed- Bella does have some anxiety and will require a patient home with someone who understands cat behaviors
-Older or no kids best for these two as they have been through lots of changes recently and get stressed easily

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Animal Information

Gender Females
Age 6 Years Old
Looks Like
Domestic Short Hair
Care Environment
Spayed / Neutered
Litter Box Trained