I came to the shelter as a ball of energy but have since really mellowed out.  I'm a fairly calm gentleman you could say.  I do great on walks and love to be around people.  I rarely bark (unless I want something) and love to wag my tail.  I was mainly an outdoor dog for most of my life, but this inside gig is sweet! Don't let my age fool you though, I still have energy to play and run around with you.  I have done a fantastic job learning about manners and am very polite now though I can still be excited and jumpy when I first meet people.   I am a smart boy who learns quickly!  I may do best without other dogs and would prefer I not live in an apartment as I am a confident boy who wants to protect his family and space. I'm loyal, what can I say!  I’m ready to bounce out of here! Call and ask staff for more about me.

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Gender Male
Age 8 Years Old
Looks Like Pit Bull/ Terrier Mix
Care Environment Indoor / Outdoor
Spayed / Neutered Yes