I am ready to rumble, go for walks, be outside in nature, whatever you want to do I want to do it too. I was mainly an outdoor dog for most of my life, but this inside gig is sweet. I am energetic so don’t look at my age and think I am low key. As far from low key I am as you can get. My heart is still in puppy mood (not sure if there is any other mood). I am very jumpy and learning more about manners currently. I may do best without other dogs and would prefer I not live in an apartment as I am a confident boy who wants to protect his family and space. I’m ready to bounce out of here! Call and ask staff for more about me.

  1. Animal Information
  2. Compatibility
  3. Center Data
Gender Male
Age 8 Years Old
Looks Like Pit Bull/ Terrier Mix
Care Environment Indoor / Outdoor
Spayed / Neutered Yes