Iowa City Animal Center

(319) 356-5295 3910 Napoleon Lane Iowa City, IA 52240
Mon - Fri 10:30-5:30 | Sat 10:30-3:00 | Closed Sunday & Holidays


Volunteers make all the difference in the world to the animals at the center. Volunteers provide the animals with responsive and positive human contact, exercise and relief from their kennels and cages. The time volunteers spend is extraordinarily valuable to the animals and to the staff. The observations about the animals passed along to the staff assists in the care of the animals and in finding good matches in adoptive homes. Also, the word of mouth factor in advertising what kind of animals are available at the center creates more opportunities for adoption.

Anyone interested in volunteering is encouraged to contact the Center staff at 356-5295 ext 7. In order to best enjoy time at the center while also providing the greatest service possible to the animals and the staff, volunteers are asked to fill out Registration and Release and Waiver of Liability forms, as well as go through training sessions. Please consider volunteering your time, and thank you for your commitment to be a part of the Animal Center.

There are also many volunteer opportunities through the Friends of the Animal Center Foundation. Please visit their website for more information.