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                          Iowa City Animal Care & Adoption Center Wish List

                                                         Fall/Winter 2017

BIGGEST NEED: VISA, Mastercard, or gift cards to local retail stores really help us in a pinch when we need to buy something specific for animal care - any amount is helpful!


  • VERY DURABLE dog toys - all sizes.
  • Fromm Classic Chicken & Rice dry dog food*
  • Hills Science Diet dry i/d food
  • Clean blankets and large bath towels.
  • Kong toys, food dispensing toys/puzzles, food-stuffing toys and marrow bones for stuffing
  • Large and X Large plush dog toys
  • High quality canned dog and puppy food


  • Cat toys - especially little mice!
  • NutriSource Senior Cat Weight Management Chicken & Rice dry cat food*
  • NutriSource Cat & Kitten food - Chicken & Rice recipe*
  • Hills Science Diet canned i/d food and dry i/d food
  • Non Scented clay or non - scented scoopable litter
  • Small washable cat beds
  • Small and medium sized scratching pads
  • High quality canned kitten food
  • Plastic flea combs
  • Feliway diffusers
  • Small, heavy food bowls and deep water crocks

Small Animals

  • Timothy hay
  • Small Mammal Bedding (no wood or cedar shavings please)
  • Chew sticks and toys for rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs & rats.
  • OxBow rabbit food
  • Large hidey boxes for rats and small bunnies
  • Small, but deep water crocks


  • Wash Cloths and Towels
  • Frontline, Advantage, and Revolution treatment for fleas and ticks.
  • Dawn dishwashing liquid
  • Bleach
  • Paper Towels
  • Heating pads (no auto shut offs please)
  • Large toe nail trimmers
  • New (still packaged) toothbrushes
  • Gently used or new grooming clippers and clipper blades
  • Newspapers without slicks.

At this time we do NOT need rabbit cages, dog crates or kennels, cat carriers, or dog houses.  Unforetunately we don't have room to store these.  Feel free to call us for a list of other organizations we work with that may be in need.

*We feed our cats NutriSource Cat/Kitten Chicken & Rice or NutriSource Senior Cat Weight Management Chicken & Rice dry cat food. We feed our dogs Fromm Classic Chicken & Rice dry dog food. Find these foods at local pet supply stores or consider a monetary contribution towards food!

Monetary Donations may be made to Friends of the Animal Center Foundation (FACF) at: PO Box 1345 Iowa City, IA 52244 or online at

Drop off donations 10:30 - 5:30 Monday-Friday and 10:30-3 Saturday at 3910 Napoleon Lane, Iowa City     


           Thank you for helping the animals!