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Available for Adoption

My Personality & Needs

Rucker is a bit distrustful but given patience, time, and a positive experience he will come around. Owners will need to allow him time to become comfortable and relax and bond to them. He is not a fan of fast movements or loud noises. He is most comfortable relaxing by your side or out on walks, he is not a cuddler. Rucker likes plush sqeakie toys but he needs to feel safe before he'll play fetch or tug. Rucker knows sit, down, stay, shake, and walks very nice on a leash when training with rewards.

Recommended Households:
Rucker requires a permanent home owner/family situation. He will require someone who owns their home (not rents) as he really becomes stressed with change. Owners must have experience and patience. He needs a long time to warm up. Best as an only dog.
Crate training is recommended for house training a dog or puppy as it is the most efficient and effective method- it also helps prevent destructive chewing, door darting, and gives a dog a place to retreat. Recommend a positive reinforcement training class to instill good dog manners, provide socialization, and build a strong dog/adopter bond- This dog has a voucher for discounted classes.

Animal Information

Gender Male
Age 1 Year Old
Looks LikeAustralian Shepherd/Husky Mix
Care Environment Indoor / Outdoor
Adult Weight 70 lbs
Spayed / Neutered Yes


Compatible with Children No. Rucker can be jumpy and mouthy.
Compatible with Dogs Unknown. Requires multiple introductions. prefers females. No dog park, has shown aggression towards male dogs.
Compatible with Cats No. No cats, may chase and harm.

Center Data

Status Available for Adoption
Arrival DateApril 11, 2017
Animal ID086837