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My Personality & Needs

Lucky is an older lady who needs a nice retirement home. Lucky will need an owner who is committed to deal with senior dog issues. She has an on going skin issue that will require medicated baths at least once a week. Her ears are prone to infection and should be checked by a vet yearly and additionally if they get sore or inflamed. Her mouth should be looked at 1-2 times a year for dental needs. She is shy with new people but has learned to slowly trust them especially when they have cheese or hot dogs! She does not like to be reached at or over, but if you put your hand down low, she will come to you. Lucky you will be if you take her home- for she has lots of love to give and though she's not a puppy, she will bring so much joy with her to her new home.

Recommended Households:
Lucky is a special needs dog. She has frequent skin and ear infections and had years of dental neglect. Adopters will need to be prepared financially for expensive vet care on a yearly basis. Lucky needs patient dog owners and a permanent, stable routine environment. Lucky loves her crate and her bed. She would prefer a quiet household with older children (8 and up)

Animal Information

Gender Female
Age Senior
Looks LikeMixed Breed
Care Environment Indoor / Outdoor
Adult Weight 65 lbs
Spayed / Neutered Yes


Compatible with Children No. Over 6. Children should be taught proper etiquette around animals. Parents must supervise children
Compatible with Dogs Unknown. May do okay with calm dogs. Needs to be secure and happy, not picked on.
Compatible with Cats Unknown. Not sure, she might chase/harm.

Center Data

Status Adopted
Arrival DateMarch 30, 2017
Adoption DateSeptember 10, 2017
Animal ID086725