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My Personality & Needs

Floyd is nervous generally. He is also leery of new people. He likes handling (touching/petting) but limited and only once he knows you. He will need very careful placement with owners who understand he doesn't like strangers and would prefer to be left at home safe and happy rather than going to busy people-filled places. He can be a bit standoffish but he will bond to a new owner who is patient and uses positive reinforcement and reward based training. Floyd is healthy, energetic, and best of all likes to go for walks, exploring, and chewing on really yummy bones. He's a quiet companion and needs a quiet, low key home with plenty of exercise and mental stimulation.

Recommended Households:
Floyd needs a permanent home in a very stable environment, experienced dog owners. No dog park and they must be an advocate for his success when meeting people.
Crate training is recommended for house training a dog or puppy as it is the most efficient and effective method- it also helps prevent destructive chewing, door darting, and gives a dog a place to retreat. Recommend a positive reinforcement training class to instill good dog manners, provide socialization, and build a strong dog/adopter bond- This dog has a voucher for discounted classes.

Animal Information

Gender Male
Age 1 Year Old
Looks LikeChow Mix
Care Environment Indoor / Outdoor
Adult Weight 45 lbs
Spayed / Neutered Yes


Compatible with Children No. Children should be taught proper etiquette around animals. Parents must supervise children.
Compatible with Dogs No. No dogs, no dog park.
Compatible with Cats No. No cats.

Center Data

Status Adopted
Arrival DateAugust 31, 2017
Adoption DateSeptember 29, 2017
Animal ID088470