Iowa City Animal Center

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ICAC Staff


Liz Ford - Supervisor  

Liz Ford is the Supervisor for the Iowa City Animal Services and Animal Care and Adoption Center. Liz has been involved with the Animal Center since 2002 as a volunteer, board member, program director and executive director for Friends of the Animal Center Foundation. Liz officially began her employment with the City of Iowa City and Animal Center in January 2011 as an Animal Care Technician.  Liz is an University of Iowa graduate, member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers and is a certified Animal Services Officer through the National Animal Care and Control Association.  Liz lives in Iowa City with her husband and "the cutest rescue dog in the world, Bobber".


Lisa Bragg - Program Director 

Lisa is the Program Director. Her main responsibilities are The Volunteer Program, Off Site Events, Humane Education and Shelter Tours. She also helps with the foster program and our social media pages. Lisa has been involved in Animal Sheltering for 10 years and she has 3 rescue dogs at home. She has fallen in love with the Iowa City/Coralville area since moving here in 2014.

Chad Mason - Animal Services Assistant  

Chad started volunteering with Iowa City Animal Services June, 2005. At the time he had a 2 year old pit bull mix named “Dolly” and he thought the shelter would be a good place to spend my spare time. The next year he started fostering cats and shortly thereafter he dopted a 6 lb. brown tabby named “Ginger”. In December, 2008; he took the job that he holds now; Animal Services Assistant. The following April he adopted a 12 ½ year old pit bull mix that we all called “Grandma”. After Grandma had to be euthanized the next year, he fostered a pit bull mix with demodectic mange. By the time her treatment was done he ould not imagine not having her in his family, so “Pinky” became part of the family. Believe or not; this was not his last adoption. In the fall of 2012, he fell in love with yet another pit bull mix that was not doing well at the shelter.  He were told by a veterinarian that she had only six months to live. Leona became part of his family early in 2013 and is still doing well. So after almost ten years of affiliation with the shelter he have adopted 1 cat (now ten years old) and 3 pit bull mixes. My house is full of fun and hair with 3 dogs aged 11, 8 and 5 years old; along with his always young cat. If not spending time at the shelter or with his menagerie, you will find him outdoors, usually on a bicycle.


Shawna Elder- Animal Center Clerk

Shawna is only starting her professional career in animal welfare but has been a companion to a wide variety of creatures since her first memories. So she finally decided to put her mad office skills to use where she truly feels like they matter. She's beyond excited to learn new things every day so that animals can get the help and find the human companions that they need.
When she's not at the shelter, she's probably playing pool, reading, or working as security at a concert. She's ridiculously lucky to share her life with her husband and 4 rescue cats (although there may be a wager on that number now that she's at the shelter for the greater part of each week...) She's certain one of her cats is a dog in disguise and refuses to believe that you have to choose one over the other.

Jen Read - Animal Care Technician

Jen is one of the Animal Care Technicians at the Center.  She has been involved with animal care since 2006.  She received a Veterinarian Assistant and Criminal Justice Degree from Kirkwood. She is also a nationally certified Animal Control Officer.  She loves what she does and would not change anything.



Chris Whitmore - Animal Services Officer

Chris Whitmore has been employed with the Iowa City Animal Services since 1993.  She received her Veterinary Technician Certification and a Bachelor Degree in Animal Science from Truman State University.  She worked through two major floods and numerous animal hoarding cases. She has a love and respect for all dogs, especially small dogs.  She lives with numerous Chihuahuas and is allowed to cohabitate with two cats.  She loves music and hanging with the Chi-gang.







Jim Williams - Animal Services Officer


Jim started his career in community service right here in Animal Services in 2000 as an Animal Services Officer. In 2007 he left for a position as a Community Service Officer. This year he returns to Animal Services following his passion to make the community a more safe and humane place for people and for animals. Jim is an nationally certified Animal Service Officer through The National Animal Care & Control Association..

Jim lives with his wife and four rescue dogs in rural Louisa County. They love the "country life" and enjoy many hobbies together including: gardening, fishing, motorcycle riding, and watching their all time favorite hockey team - The Quad City Mallards.


Jonte Thornton - Kennel Assistant

Jonte started at Iowa City Animal Care and Adoption Center in March of 2015. She is also a professional dog trainer. Jonte has a wide variety of animals at home, starting with two dogs. One is a border collie named Izzy and the other is a terrier mix named Tyke. She also has three Betta fish, PHI 2, Blitz and Bubba Blue. Last but not least is her Pacman Frog named Sir Hops Not.