Iowa City Animal Center

(319) 356-5295 3910 Napoleon Lane Iowa City, IA 52240
Mon - Fri 10:30-5:30 | Sat 10:30-3:00 | Closed Sunday & Holidays

Contact Us

For general information and to report animal related issues or emergencies please contact the number in your area.

  • Report animals at large.
  • Report injured animals.
  • Report animal bites.
  • Report a lost or found animal.
  • Report cruelty, abuse, or neglect.
  • Report dead animals.
  • Purchase a license.
  • Permit Information
  • Inquire about wildlife problems.
Iowa City Animal Care and Adoption Center 319-356-5295 ext. 7
Iowa City Animal Services (Animal Control) 319-356-5295 ext. 7
After hours emergency-Iowa City Police 319-356-6800
Coralville Animal Control 319-248-1800
County Health Department 319-356-6040
Municipal Court Info 319-356-6068


For adoptable animal information 319-356-5295 ext. 7
To reclaim a lost animal 319-356-5295 ext. 7
To report a lost animal 319-356-5295 ext.7

Iowa City Animal Services and Animal Care and Adoption Center provide sheltering services, under contract, to animals from the following communities:

  • Unincorporated Johnson County
  • University Heights
  • Coralville
  • University of Iowa
  • City of Iowa City

Citizens from incorporated cities in Johnson County should contact their local city offices to determine who provides service to their community.