Recommended household and a little bit about me:

Did you see that tennis ball outside?  Could you toss it for me?  I love playing ball!  It’s so much fun!  It’s my best friend right now but maybe you could become my new best friend?  I’d love to find a family that likes to play and be adventurous.  Maybe I could help you do yard work?  I’ll follow you around with my ball! I do also have a sweet side to me.  After a while, I like to lay down next to you and just relax.  If you’re looking for a new pal, ask staff for more information about me!

Snickers 5
Snickers 1
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  1. Animal Information
  2. Compatibility
  3. Center Data
Gender Male
Age 9 Years Old
Looks Like Terrier mix
Care Environment Indoor / Outdoor
Spayed / Neutered Yes